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Ivey Publishing (2006)
15 pages
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This case presents a summary of US trade and investment sanctions in effect as of 2006. The case examines in detail the US sanctions against Cuba, and it discusses the challenges and opportunities that these sanctions have created for Cuba''s largest foreign investor, Sherritt International. The discussion concerning Sherritt presents the wide array of forces that impact a business that is contemplating trade or investment with a country against which sanctions have been imposed. In spite of US sanctions, Sherritt International, based in Canada, developed profitable businesses in Cuba, in mining, oil and gas, hotels and food processing. The US policies, while imposing costs, also reduced the competition that Sherritt would otherwise have faced. The ability to work with the Communist government gave Sherritt a strong competitive advantage and a protected market. Sherritt had positioned itself with a first mover advantage if sanctions were lifted.


Government and business; International business; Globalization
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