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Case from journal
Reference no. NAC2123
Prize winner
Published by:
NACRA - North American Case Research Association (2001)
in "The Case Research Journal"
19 pages
Data source:
Field research


Jim Johnson, General Manager of the West Indies Yacht Club Resort, is concerned about the resort's recent increase in guest complaints, expatriate manager turnover, and tension between expatriate managers and local employees. Johnson believes that cultural differences might be causing these problems and hires Patrick Dowd, a Management Consultant with experience in the region, to analyze these problems and provide Johnson with specific recommendations for resolving them. Exacerbating the problem are restrictive local government policies and regulations that limit the options available to the resort. Dowd is excited about the opportunity to apply his personal experience in the region in conjunction with what he has learned in cross-cultural management courses to resolve the resort's problems. Dowd works at the resort during the peak Christmas weeks to observe expatriate managers and local employees in action. In addition, he visits with several guests to ascertain the source of their complaints.


International management; Cross-cultural management; Organizational behavior


The events covered by this item took place in 1994.

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West Indies Yacht Club Resort

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