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Nina Marie Nicolas (SKEMA Business School); Gabriele Suder (SKEMA Business School)
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18 pages
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Field research


The case portrays the evolution of the partnership between software giant Microsoft Corporation and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative was created in 1999, as a bottom-up idea, when Microsoft employees initiated to help the victims of the Kosovo crisis. The outcome was a software registration system that today helps UNHCR administer their refugee camps in a more efficient and constructive way. The case illustrates an ideal example of a CSR programme and the importance of contributions made by business to society. In particular, it illustrates how a multinational company can take a responsible role in today's modern society without diverting from its core business strategy. The case invites readers to reflect upon and discuss some important questions regarding CSR, ethics and the business role in society. A teaching note accompanies this case with analysis of the theoretical elements.


Corporate governance; Corporate social responsibility (CSR); Corporate citizenship; Strategic management; International business; Business environment; Economics; Politics
Multinational corporation (MNC), large organisation
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