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Reference no. 309-088-1
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INSEAD (2009)
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15 pages
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Field research


Located in the province of Cordoba, Argentina, El Castillo is a castle built in the early twentieth century, and run now as a hotel by the Fabrega family; They are in the business of international and ecological tourism. Among its strengths, El Castillo emphasizes that it is the only ecotourist facility in Argentina. It also notes its unique product offering and its strong customer satisfaction ratings, which place it among the top hotels in the country. Rapid growth has characterised its first few years - in the second year alone, El Castillo's sales grew at a rate of 280%, and more than 80% of the families who visited during the Easter holiday were repeat customers. The teaching objectives are holistic, bringing together country and business risk; blue ocean strategy; family business, and in particular to develop sensitivity to the importance of crafting business strategies and policies to local conditions in an original and profitable way. The case may also be used to develop skills of students in thinking about the future.


Argentina; Country risk; Business risk; Blue Ocean Strategy; Family business; Crafting business to local conditions; Hotel trade
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