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Babson College (2009)
6 May 2009
19 pages
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This is the fourth of a four-case series (BAB133 to BAB136). This case series is designed to illustrate the specificities of competition in poor and developing economies and, more specifically, competition at the base of the pyramid. It is composed of four documents: two company cases, a country note, and an industry note. The company cases describe the competitive dynamics between two international telecommunications (telecom) companies, Orange and MTN, in the Cameroonian telecom market. Each company case begins with a brief history of the company, followed by a description of the company's global strategy and of its entry into Cameroon. It goes on to describe the competitive dynamics in Cameroon from the company's perspective, and, particularly, the moves and counter-moves undertaken by each competitor to gain a market share. Finally, the case describes the company's corporate social responsibility initiatives, globally and in Cameroon. This case series also includes two background notes. The first note describes the evolution and the basic technical characteristics of the cellphone industry. The second note provides an introduction to the geography, history, and economy of Cameroon, with a particular focus on the socio-economic conditions of the country's population. Taken together, this case series allows a discussion of competition at the base of the pyramid, including both business and ethical aspects.
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