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INSEAD (2009)
16 pages
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Field research
This is the first of a three-case series (509-057-1 to 509-059-1). The case describes the international expansion of DIFI, an Israeli direct insurer, to the Eastern Europe emerging markets. The main focus is on the marketing management of the company and on the issues related to bringing an innovative business model to, and managing operations in, emerging markets. The case discusses an alliance between DIFI and RSA Group, a British insurer. The teaching objectives are: (1) channel management: advantages and challenges of direct distribution versus using intermediaries; (2) globalisation strategies for service companies: how to strike the right balance between international standardisation and adapting to local markets; (3) strategic alliances as accelerators of international growth: do's and don'ts; (4) the HR (human resources) dimension of strategic alliances: country cultures and corporate cultures; (5) challenges in migrating from a 'regulated economy' to a competitive mindset; and (6) service strategy: respective roles and interaction between technology and HR.
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