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Reference no. 309-197-1
Compact case
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INSEAD (2009)
4 pages
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Generalised experience
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This case challenges participants to apply key concepts of Blue Ocean Strategy implementation to overcome key organisational and management hurdles while leading a strategic shift. The case lays out how Braynesbridge Industries, a fictional conglomerate involved in the steel industry, recently launched a new strategy to break out of the red ocean of bloody competition in the industry. The new strategy, however, represented a significant departure from the status quo, which led to steep cognitive, resource, motivational, and political hurdles in the organisation. Hence, to implement the new strategy, BI executives had to overcome these four key hurdles. Despite this challenge, the case reveals that BI's management team successfully implemented the strategy fast and at low cost using tipping point leadership and fair process. BI's board of directors, very impressed with the new strategy and its successful implementation, is curious to learn the principles of tipping point leadership and fair process and how these apply to organisations. The case sets the stage for the students / executives to be called before the board to answer numerous conceptual questions on their Blue Ocean Strategy implementation. The set of questions posed by the board are displayed one by one in an accompanying flash-animated presentation / exercise called, 'Blue Ocean Strategy Implementation Interactive Class Exercise: Tipping Point Leadership and Fair Process in Action' that is free for instructor download at This case and the Blue Ocean Strategy Implementation Interactive Class Exercise come with a comprehensive teaching note, and are excellent for both MBAs and executives, creating great energy and rich learning in the classroom.


Strategy; Blue Ocean Strategy; Strategy implementation; Tipping point leadership; Fair process; Cognitive hurdle; Political hurdle; Motivational hurdle; Resource hurdle

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