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Reference no. UVA-ENT-0119
Prize winner
Compact case
Subject category: Entrepreneurship
Published by:
Darden Business Publishing (2009)
2 August 2016
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3 pages
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Suitable for MBA and executive learners, this case series presents an engaging narrative that prompts students to discuss entrepreneurial thinking. An entrepreneur who loves his native Swedish Lapland uses his natural gift for effectuation to ask What? What next? And What now? As his ventures evolve, students begin to ask themselves how they would master similar challenges to their own entrepreneurial plans and expectations. The case can be taught in either one or two sessions of a 90-minute MBA course or a four-hour executive education class. An effective complement is the technical note entitled, ''What Makes Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurial'' (UVA-ENT-0065).


Effectuation; Hotel; Food; Beverage; Export; Innovation

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