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Book chapter
Reference no. MHE0207BC
Published by:
McGraw Hill Education (2008)
Chapter from:
"Exploring Human Resource Management"
18 pages


Chapter 8. Examining the strategic place of performance management (PM), this chapter looks at the ways in which PM can help an organisation achieve the vertical and horizontal integration of people management and development. It explores the practicalities of implementing PM and determines the purpose of performance appraisal while taking note of the relevant human resource management (HRM) issues that surround PM, such as competences and contingency pay. By the end of this chapter, you should be able to: (1) explain the strategic role of PM; (2) demonstrate the link between PM and effective people management; (3) describe the different components of a PM process; (4) compare behavioural and output-based appraisal systems; (5) contrast the development and the assessment agendas; and (6) identify the key factors associated with success in PM.


Performance management and strategic alignment; Performance management systems; The practicalities of performance management; Setting performance objectives; Competency frameworks; Monitoring performance; Supporting progress; The purpose of performance appraisal; Issues in performance management

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