Case release and acknowledgement

Case release

We cannot register field-based cases in our collection without signed permission from the subject
organisation. This is called case release.

Case release is vital to ensure you don’t divulge commercially sensitive information that may lead to a
claim for damages. In addition, it’s always good practice to maintain positive relationships with your
contacts in the business world. Gaining permission for case release is an essential part of this.

Below is a sample case release letter:

Extract from a case release request

I very much appreciate your co-operation over the past few weeks in allowing me to talk to you and your staff about the restructuring you have recently implemented within the company. On the basis of these discussions and the documents you kindly provided, we have prepared the attached case entitled ‘................’ . I hope this reflects the key issues that you had to address without revealing any confidential information. We believe the case will make a valuable contribution to the teaching of ... on our courses.

When you have noted any final corrections you wish me to make will you please sign and return one copy of this letter to indicate your agreement to publication of the case and its distribution by The Case Centre for educational use.





Please add a footnote to the front page of your case to acknowledge the help of your subject organisation. For example:

This case was made possible through the generous co-operation of XYZ Ltd.

These notes are adapted from:

Heath, J (2015), Teaching and Writing Cases: A Practical Guide (The Case Centre)
ISBN 978-0-907815-04-4

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