Case submission FAQs

Question mark post it notesOur handly list of FAQs is a great place to start if you have questions about submitting your case to us. 

See our FAQs designed to help you:

Before submission

Can I see sample cases?

Yes, you can buy personal or research copies of cases through our website.

Do you have any resources to help me write my case?

You can find a range of articles, books and videos about case writing on our website. You may also be interested in our case writing workshops.

What are the benefits of submitting?

Our authors tell us that the benefits of submitting are worldwide distribution, a quick and easy submission process, retention of copyright, publicity and royalties (for authors at our member organisations). You can read more about this here.

Are all submitted cases accepted?

No, if a case does not meet our submission requirements it will be returned to the author with an explanation of why it has been rejected. The author can then address the issues we highlight and resubmit it.

Can The Case Centre recommend someone to peer review my case?

We currently are not able to recommend anyone to review your case. We suggest that you contact a colleague who uses cases and ask if they would provide some feedback to you.

Can The Case Centre proof/spell/grammar check my case?

We’re sorry but we currently don’t offer any proof-reading services for authors. We suggest that you explore whether your school has a department that might be able to help you.

I’m having problems formatting my documents, can The Case Centre help?

Yes, if you are having problems formatting your documents (e.g. you can’t rotate an essential landscape page, or our system tells you the file is incorrect or the media box size is wrong) please contact our Content Acquisition Management Team who will be happy to help.

Can I submit a teaching note for a case that someone else has written?

If you have used another writer’s case and created an alternative teaching note that covers a new and different way of teaching the case then you can submit it online for other teachers to use. Please note that we don’t accept ‘improved’ versions of an existing note.

Can I submit a translation of a case that someone else has written?

If you would like to translate a case, you will need permission to do so, find out how to request this here. Once you have received the necessary permission, translated the case, and if the original author agrees that you can, the translation can be submitted to us for distribution.

During submission

My submission was incorrect, what should I do?

If you accidentally sent your submission to us with incorrect information (e.g. missed a file, author name incorrect etc.) just let our Content Acquisition Management Team know and we’ll send it back to you so you can amend it.

How long will it take for my case to be available in The Case Centre’s database?

It can take up to 15 working days from correct submission to completion. We aim for less but it depends on the volume of submissions that our Content Acquisition Management Team are dealing with at the time. If we have to refer a submission back to the author for further work the process can often take longer.

How do I know what’s happening to my submission?

Once you have submitted your products you can go to your ‘ongoing submissions’ dashboard on our website. You’ll be able to see the status of your submission there.

The statuses are:

  • not yet submitted - you need to finish your submission and send it to us
  • pending - we have received your submission but have not begun processing it yet
  • being checked - we are checking your submission to ensure it meets our submission guidelines
  • requires attention - your submission requires attention, the reason(s) why will be detailed on the submission
  • processing - the submission has been checked and the products are being transferred to our database
  • complete - your products are available in our database
  • cancelled - you requested that we cancel your submission, or you have not sent your submission to us within the required timeline (ten weeks) despite our reminders
  • rejected - your submission has been rejected, we will advise you of the reason why.

I’ve decided not to submit to The Case Centre, how do I cancel my submission?

If you decide that you don’t want to submit to us just let our Content Acquisition Management Team know and we’ll cancel your submission.

After submission is complete

Once my case is available on your website can I see if it is being used?

Yes! Simply login to our website, go to ‘My product portfolio’ (available in your account options) and ‘View my products’. You’ll be able to see all the items we distribute for you, along with sales and download data.

Can I use my cases for free after they’ve been made available on your website?

You can use your cases for free at the organisation that holds copyright. You can download an author’s copy from your product portfolio. If you’d like to use your case at a different organisation, that doesn’t hold copyright, you’ll need to order copies through our website.

What level students will use my case?

This varies. Most often cases are purchased for use on postgraduate programmes. However, lots are used on undergraduate and executive education programmes. Some cases are even used in high schools.

Can I edit or revise my case when it’s available on your website?

Yes, if you would like to edit or revise your case you can submit the updated files to us online.

How do I submit additional supplementary products for my case that is already available on your website?

If you create any additional supplementary items (e.g. a translation, a background note) for a case that you have already submitted you can send them to us here, supplying any different metadata (learning objectives, abstract topics etc.).

Can I withdraw my case?

Items can be withdrawn from our catalogue at any time at the request of the author or authoring institution. We aim to withdraw the item within one working day of receiving the request. When an item is withdrawn its record is removed from the online database and all associated PDF files are deleted.

Can I submit my products elsewhere?

Yes, your distribution agreement with us is non-exclusive so you’re free to submit elsewhere too. You’ll need to check the terms of any other publishers as they may differ.

Still stuck?

I’m stuck – can I contact someone at The Case Centre?

Yes, our Content Acquisition Management Team are always happy to help. You can contact them on or +44 (0)1234 756401. 

My question isn't covered here - can you add it?

Yes, we'd love to hear if you have a question that isn't covered here. Please email your question to our Content Acquisition Management Team.

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