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How to submit your case

Case submission

Thank you for thinking about submitting your case to us! We are unique in offering an efficient worldwide case submission and distribution service to both institutions and independent authors across the globe.

We’ve made our case submission process as fast and easy as possible.

Before submission - our requirements

Cases are designed for teaching and we take very seriously our duty of care to all those who order cases for teaching. This includes a responsibility to ensure that the teaching materials in our collection are of the highest quality.

Authors and their organisations are required to certify that their case and accompanying materials meet professional quality standards and have been authored in an ethical manner.

If you're thinking about submitting a case to us please make sure you read our submission requirements thoroughly.

The online submission process

Submitting your finished case to us is a straightforward process. Simply use our online submission process to enter all the information about your case and its related items. You'll need to agree to our terms of distribution to certify that you have full authorisation from any co-authors.

Once you have sent your submission to us you'll be able to monitor its progress on your list of current online submissions. We aim to have your case available in our online search database within 15 working days, but this may take longer in some circumstances.

Submitting multimedia items

We can accept CDs, DVDs and downloadable files for distribution, but cannot currently host multimedia items online. View more information

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After submission

When the online submission process is complete your case will have an individual reference number which is used throughout the database and for ordering. Bibliographical details of your case will be available in our online search database and an educator preview copy of your case and teaching note will be uploaded for potential customers to view.

You will be able to view full details about your product, download a master file for your own use at the copyright holding organisation, and see details of any usage by our customers in your product portfolio.

Your case will be listed in the next monthly email update service, which goes to over 45,300 subscribers worldwide. If you are interested in having your case featured on our website please contact Paddy Day, Media and Content Developer.

If you wish to withdraw an item please see the our withdrawal policy.

Frequently asked questions

Check out our handly list of FAQs that covers all elements of our submission process.

Why submit your case?

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Contact us

If you have any queries about distributing through us please contact our dedicated Content Acquisition Management Team.

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