Submitting your multimedia items

We welcome:

  • Multimedia items that can be distributed on CD or DVD
  • Downloadable files, for example, video clips, spreadsheets and presentation slides. We’re also happy to group items as a zip file for easy delivery to customers.

Please remember:

  • If your teaching note is in multimedia format it should be password protected or on a separate disk to ensure students cannot access it
  • We will need a compatibility report for each multimedia item detailing its system requirements
  • We will need your technical support contact details in the unlikely event that your multimedia items don’t work properly.

Online multimedia products:

We can work in partnership with you to help distribute online multimedia products that are hosted on your site.

We can help if you:

  • host the item online on your site
  • can provide 24-hour, seven day a week access and delivery support to customers
  • provide us with an educator preview copy or ‘try before you buy’ sample that we can send to customers
  • provide us with a PDF document for customers containing information about the product, including login and support details.

In addition, you must be able to receive data from us (eg, an API to handle SOAP packets). We would use this to ask you to provide access code(s) direct to our customers by email. The information we would send includes:

  • product reference
  • customer email address
  • number of access codes requested.

Please email Fran Baylis, Content Acquisition and Rights Manager, if you would like any further information about this.

How to submit your case

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Contact us

Contact us

If you have any queries about distributing through us please contact our dedicated Content Acquisition Management Team.

+44 (0)1234 756401