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Completed Case Writing Scholarship cases

Economics, Politics and Business EnvironmentEconomics, Politics and Business Environment

The following cases were written with the support of our scholarships.

Case front page

Making Ahmedabad Slum-Free
Amit Patel
School of Public Policy, George Mason University
Ref 218-0015-1
Teaching note
Ref 218-0015-8

Case front page Smallholder Dilemma on the Emerging Kenyan Food Safety Concerns
Simon Wagura Ndiritu
Strathmore Business School
Ref 215-103-1
Teaching note
Ref 215-103-8
Economics, Politics and Business Environment


The following cases were written with the support of our scholarships.

Case front page Global Himalayan Expedition: Community Development Through Impact Tourism
Sreevas Sahasranamam
Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode
Ref 816-0061-1
Teaching note
Ref 816-0061-8
Case front page

Impulse Social Enterprise: Troubles Balancing Double Bottomline
Sitamma Mikkilineni
ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad
Ref 819-0050-1
Teaching note
Ref 819-0050-8

Case front page Sol.Teck Energia: Overcoming Start-ups’ Failure in Fast-paced Environments
Vincenzo Uli
University of Rome Tor Vergara
Ref 816-0083-1
Teaching note
Ref 816-0083-8
Case front page Succession-Based Crises in Family Business – Overcoming Entrepreneurial Myopia Through Strategic Option Perspective
Silvia Fotea
Emanuel University of Oradea
Ref 815-102-1
Teaching note
Ref 815-102-8
Case front page Tamul Leaf Plates: Building an Inclusive Eco Enterprise in India's Insurgency Affected Northeast
Niraj Joshi
CEPT University
Ref 817-0010-1 
Teaching note
Ref 817-0010-8
Case front page

The KSK Vintage Winery: A new business model in a mature industry
Anna Rosinus
University of Applied Sciences Mainz
Ref 817-0086-1
Teaching note
Ref 817-0086-8

Case front page

The Trivago Way - Growing Without Growing Up?
Philipp Veit, Sabina Pielken and Stephan Stubner
HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management 
Ref 818-0011-1
Teaching note
Ref  818-0011-8

Case front page

To Be or Not to Be… The Dilemmas of a Social Entrepreneur
Maria Alejandra Pineda Escobar
Institución Universitaria Politécnico Grancolombiano
Ref 820-0025-1
Teaching note
Ref  820-0025-8

Economics, Politics and Business Environment

Ethics and Social Responsibility

The following cases were written with the support of our scholarships.

Case front page

'Bumper' Book Bus: in search of balance
Yulia Aray
Graduate School of Management, St Petersburg University
Ref 716-0021-1
Teaching note
Ref 716-0021-8

Case front page

Hilton: Combating Human Trafficking in the Hospitality Industry
David Nersessian
Babson College
Ref BAB434C
Teaching note

Ref BAB434TN

Case front page Making Well and Making Profit: A Biotechnology Drug Dispute in India
Rekha Krishnan
Tilburg University
Ref 703-004-1
Teaching note
Ref 703-004-8
Case front page Meat Puppets. Ethical Dilemma in a Restaurant Setting
Alexander Korchagin
Moscow State University
Vera Cherepanova
Studio Etica
Ref 719-0061-1
Teaching note
Ref 719-0061-8
Case front page Microsoft's Partnership with UNHCR: Pro Bono Publico?
Nina Marie Nicolas and Gabriele Suder
CERAM Business School
Ref 708-035-1
Teaching note
Ref 708-035-8
Case front page

Resourcing Rural Livelihoods in Kenya: Intersections Between Mining, Agriculture and Development
Rochelle Spencer
Murdoch University
Ref 719-0064-1
Teaching note
Ref 719-0064-8

Case front page

Sustainability Reporting in China’s SOE Company: A Journey to Discover Values: A Case of CNOOC
Victoria Yun Zhou
Beijing National Accounting Institute
Ref 719-0017-1
Teaching note
Ref 719-0017-8

Economics, Politics and Business Environment

Finance, Accounting and Control

The following cases were written with the support of our scholarships.

Case front page Free Lunch and Whether You Can Find It
Alexander Deshkovski
SKEMA Business School
Teaching note
Ref 120-0065-8
Case front page Healthy Happy Pets
Susan Smith
University of Sussex
Ref 120-0055-1
Teaching note
Ref 120-0055-8
Case front page JD Hall & Sons Limited Case (A)
Trevor Williamson
Manchester Metropolitan University
Ref 199-001-1 
Teaching note
Ref 199-001-8
Case front page

Nissan LEAF – Phoenix from the Ashes
Ed Tew
University of Worcester
Ref 119-0061-1
Teaching note
Ref 119-0061-8

Case front page

Underwriting a Privatization IPO: The Sale of Royal Mail PLC
Andrey Golubov
University of Toronto
Ref no 116-0066-1
Teaching note
Ref 116-0066-8

Economics, Politics and Business Environment

Human Resource Management / Organisational Behaviour

The following cases were written with the support of our scholarships.

Case front page

Can Hospitals Do Health Promotion? Making Hospitals a Place for Both Care and Health Through Health Promotion
Shannon Sibbald (Independent Author) and Ross Graham
Region of Waterloo
Ref 418-0045-1
Teaching note
Ref 418-0045-8

Case front page

Detective Casey and the April 2010 Shooting: Impact of Training, Communication, and Co-ordination of Critical Incidents in Policing
Joy A. Jones
Stockton University
Ref 418-0028-1
Teaching note
Ref 418-0028-8

Case front page

Lecture Capture Policy: Manager/Academic Negotiation Exercise
Nataliya Rumyantseva
University of Greenwich, UK
Ref 421-0039-1
Teaching note
Ref 421-0039-8

Case front page Symptomatic Leadership: The Impact of Changing Demographics on Global Business
Linda Ridley
City University of New York
Ref 416-0012-1
Teaching note
Ref 416-0012-8
Economics, Politics and Business Environment

Knowledge, Information and Communication Systems

The following cases were written with the support of our scholarships.

Case front page A Case of Re-engineering from a Monolithic to a Component-based System
Julia Kotlarsky
Warwick Business School
Ref 906-046-1
Teaching note
Ref 906-046-8
Case front page Adopting a Learning Management System
Debapratim Purkayastha and Rik Paul
IBS Case Research Center (IBS CRC)
Ref 915-022-1
Teaching note
Ref 915-022-8
Case front page Integration of MABA's IT
Markus Westner
Technical University of Applied Sciences Regensburg
Ref 915-024-1
Teaching note
Ref 915-024-8
Case front page Moving Incrementally: Change of Core Systems in a Retail Bank
Richard Diamond
University of Southampton
Ref 909-005-1
Teaching note
Ref 909-005-8
Case front page The Set-up of Fast Track Surgery in Vascular Surgery: The Experience of a Pioneer Team in Northern Italy
Verdiana Morando
SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy
Ref 916-0026-1
Teaching note
Ref 916-0026-8
Economics, Politics and Business Environment


The following cases were written with the support of our scholarships.

Case front page Chilean Wines: Rethinking Successful Strategies for the UK Market
Christian Felzensztein
University of Strathclyde
Ref 503-093-1
Teaching note
Ref 503-093-8
Case front page Destination Frankfurt - Redefining Germany's Financial Capital
Lauren Ugur 
International School of Management (ISM) Dortmund
Ref 517-0039-1
Teaching note
Ref 517-0039-8
Case front page

Don Bosco Museum’s Digital Experimentation
Teidorlang Lyngdoh
XLRI Xavier School of Management
Ref 518-0146-1
Teaching note
Ref 518-0146-8

Case front page

Dubai Wings: A High Flyer
Sarah Turnbull
University of Portsmouth, UK
Ref 520-0095-1
Teaching note
Ref 520-0095-8

Case front page Magic Water Saver: Driving Sustainability at the Bottom of the Pyramid
Shilpa Madan
Nanyang Technological University
Ref 516-0002-1
Teaching note
Ref 516-0002-8
Case front page The Roy René Confectionery Is 100 years: Celebrating Brand Heritage to Sustain a New Strategy
Fabien Pecot, York Management School
Virginie de Barnier, Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management
Ref 520-0036-1
Teaching note
Ref 520-0036-8
Case front page The Salmon Farming Industry: Cooperation vs Competition for Achieving a Global Positioning
Christian Felzensztein
University of Strathclyde
Sara Carter
University of Stirling
Ref 506-153-1
Teaching note
Ref 506-153-8
Case front page Quiz Kerala: Spreading Knowledge
Aravind Reghunathan and Joshy Joseph
Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK)
Ref 518-0103-1
Teaching note
Ref 518-0103-8
Economics, Politics and Business Environment

Production and Operations Management

The following cases were written with the support of our scholarships.

Case front page Achieving High-Level Emergency Service Delivery Through Innovation: The Case of Big Data Analytics at the New South Wales State Emergency Service
Samuel Fosso Wamba
TBS - Toulouse Business School
Ref 617-0073-1
Teaching note
Ref 617-0073-8
Case front page The Beetham Tower Project: Planning For Repetitive Activities (A) And (B)
Nuno Gil and Kazem Yaghootkar
University of Manchester
Ref 606-053-1
Teaching note
Ref 606-053-8
Case front page BPL Sanyo's International Operations
Nitin Singh and Janet Shah
Indian Institute of Management Indore (IIMI)
Ref 602-007-1
Teaching note
Ref 602-007-8
Teaching note supplement software
Ref 602-007-9
Case front page Crimsonlogic: The 'E'volution of the Trading Community Via a B2B E-commerce Hub
Arnoud De Meyer and Tomoaki Shimada
Ref 604-066-1
Case front page

Global or Local? Making Location Decisions in Supply Chain Design
Tejasav Kalra and Jens Roehrich
University of Bath
Ref 618-0053-1
Teaching note
Ref 618-0053-8

Case front page Intra-Firm Supply Relationships: The Tyrenco Case
Marie Koulikoff-Souviron and Pascal Vidal
CERAM Sophia Antipolis European School of Management
Ref 605-001-1
Teaching note
Ref 605-001-8
Teaching note supplement software
Ref 605-001-9
Case front page Operation and Maintenance Service Provision in Uncertain Times - the Case of the FLSmidth Group During the Arab Spring
Melanie Kreye
Technical University of Denmark
Ref 616-0009-1
Teaching note
Ref 616-0009-8
Economics, Politics and Business Environment

Strategy and General Management

The following cases were written with the support of our scholarships.

Case front page Abrakebabra: Surviving the Franchisee Revolt
Rosalind Beere and Peter McNamara
University College Dublin Business Schools
Ref 304-234-1
Teaching note
Ref 304-234-8
Case front page

Battle Against Ebola: China’s Choice on Africa Aid
Kun Tang
Peking University Health Science Center
Ref 318-0081-1
Teaching note
Ref 318-0081-8

Case front page Changing Models in Global Health: A Joint Venture Initiative by the Oxford-Emergent Tuberculosis Consortium (OETC)
Elizabeth Garnsey and Julia Fan Li
University of Cambridge
Ref 313-020-1
Teaching note
Ref 313-020-8
Case front page Contamination at Lácteos Costeños (A)
Steven F. Freeman
University of Pennsylvania, USA
Ref 317-0183-1
Contamination at Lácteos Costeños (B)
Ref 317-0183-1B
Teaching note
Ref 317-0183-8
Teaching note supplement software
Ref 317-0183-4
Case front page From Botswana to Namibia: Getting the Trans-Kalahari Railway on Track
Katrina Simon-Agolory
Namibia Business School
Ref 318-0193-1
Teaching note
Ref 318-0193-8
Case front page Fozy in China: Cultural factors
Yingying Zhnag and Conxita Folguera
ESADE Business School
Ref 311-101-1
Teaching note
Ref 311-101-8
Case front page

Haniel: Implementing the Corporate Responsibility Strategy
Anne Bäro
HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management
Ref 319-0287-1
Teaching note
Ref 319-0287-8

Case front page IKEA: The Swedish Conquest - Part I
Sergey Portyanko and Patrick Reinmoeller
Cranfield School of Management
Ref 320-0339-1
Teaching note
Ref 320-0339-8
Case front page Imedia and the Technology Shift – When Everything Changes
Magnus Hoppe
School of Business, Society and Engineering (EST), Mälardalens University
Ref 316-0050-1
Teaching note
Ref 316-0050-8
Case front page Love Gone Awry: AT Kearney & EDS (A)
Vivek K Velamuri, Gebhard Ottacher and Kathrin Möslein
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Ref 310-050-1
Love Gone Awry: AT Kearney & EDS (B)
Ref 310-051-1
Teaching note
Ref 310-050-8
Case front page

Mexican Rodeo on Indian Streets
Varun Elembilassery and Divya Aggarwal
XLRI Xavier School of Management
Ref 319-0126-1
Teaching note

Ref 319-0126-8

Case front page Navigating the Unchartered Path to Shared Value at Glaxosmithkline (GSK) in the Philippines
Austin Chia
The University of Melbourne
Ref no 316-0180-1
Teaching note
Ref no 316-0180-8
Case front page SATEC S.A. Business Transformation Through Value Reinvention and Organisational Change
Tawfik Jelassi and Matthias Promny
ENPC School of International Management
Ref 311-267-1
Teaching note
Ref 311-267-8
Case front page Second Life: Mercedes-Benz Enters the Metaverse
Albrecht Enders and Harald Hungenberg
University of Erlangen-Nuernberg
W Henning Blarr
HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management
Tawfik Jelassi
ENPC, Paris
Ref 308-389-1
Teaching note
Ref 308-389-8
Teaching note supplement software
Ref 308-389-9
Case front page Semsom US: Market Entry in New York City
Lorenz Graf-Vlachy
University of Passau, Germany
Ref 317-0119-1
Teaching note

Ref 317-0119-8
Instructor presentation material

Ref 317-0119-8B
Case front page Siemens: Management Innovation at the Corporate Level
Markus Menz and Guenter Mueller-Stewen
University of St. Gallen
Ref 310-114-1
Teaching note
Ref 310-114-8
Case front page Swissmetal: The Restructuring of 2002-2009
Michael Boppel and Christoph Lechner
University of St. Gallen
Ref 310-260-1
Teaching note
Ref 310-260-8
Case front page The Thomas Cook Group, Plc Strategic Turnaround: A Ceo for a Season?
Filipe Morais
Henley Business School, The University of Reading
Ref 318-0173-1
Teaching note
Ref 318-0173-8
Case front page Vontobel Group: Managing an Integrated Business Model
Daniel Albert and Christoph Lechner
University of St. Gallen
Ref no 311-004-1
Teaching note

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