Scholarship recipient: Aravind Reghunathan


Doctoral Scholar in Marketing Management, Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode, India

Date of scholarship award

May 2017

Case working title

Quiz Kerala – Spreading Knowledge Through Entertainment

Aravind Reghunal

“It feels great to be recognised and supported by the Case Centre on the development of my first case.

“Being part of a business school, which greatly relies on case studies for imparting education, has meant I have personally seen the process of case discussion and detailed analysis, encouraging students to think deeply about management issues and solutions.

“The proposed case looks at a real life scenario at Quiz Kerala, a firm providing infotainment solutions, with its major focus being on quiz management services. 
Since people around the world are exposed to infotainment programmes through visual media, especially through reality shows and mobile apps, they can easily relate to the case and learn about the workings of this niche industry.

“With professional mentorship from the experts at The Case Centre, we are really excited to take the readers through the business of quizzing within the growing infotainment industry.

“As a doctoral student aspiring to contribute to the discipline by case research, writing and teaching, this prestigious scholarship is an ideal platform for me to learn from the best in the field.  It will also hopefully serve as an inspiration for my juniors to look at unique business models, especially from emerging economies.”

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