Scholarship recipient: Joy Jones


Joy A. Jones, Assistant Professor of Communication
Atlantic Cape Community College, US

Date of scholarship award

February 2016

Case working title

Coping with Cognitive Dissonance: The Untold Narrative of Police Involved in Critical Incidents

Joy A. Jones

Although American media often portray law enforcement officers who have been involved in critical incidents as cold and unfeeling, the story from the officer’s perspective has been left untold. This case writing scholarship will provide assistance in telling this story, allowing readers to gain insight into the influence of management communication on officer cognitive dissonance after involvement in critical incidents.

Furthermore, victims of critical incidents are frequently asked to speak in criminal justice courses; however, these victims are often unavailable or unwilling to lose anonymity. Therefore, writing this teaching case will provide a valuable resource for criminal justice educators and human resource managers in law enforcement organisations.  

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