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In this issue's in-depth article we talk to experienced case educators from across the globe to find out how they shape and prepare the start of their case classes.

You also have an opportunity to get to know Shashi Kohli, Director of Amity Research Centers, in 5 minutes with...

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In-depth exploration

Raising the curtain - how to start a case class

We talk to experienced case educators from across the globe to find out how they shape and prepare the start of their classes.

5 minutes with... Shashi Kohli

5 minutes with...

Shashi Kohli

Shashi Kohli, Director of Amity Research Centers, on how the case method develops students’ learning skills and brings the classroom to life, his love for cricket, plus much more.

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Solution or sabotage? When students find case answers online
In today’s world, a solution to almost any problem or dilemma, in fact an answer to practically any question, can be found quickly and easily online. So, what happens when a student injects such critical information into a case class, with the potential to hijack the teaching plan or pedagogical process?
Nurturing the power to make a difference with cases
Business schools are increasingly called upon to provide education in sustainability and ethics. We explore how they are responding and the role cases can play.

Latest bestsellers

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Zara: The World's Largest Fashion Retailer
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Ingvar Kamprad and IKEA
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Intel Corporation: Outsourcing Dilemma
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BP: Putting Profits Before Safety?
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Interface: Creating a Climate Fit for Life Through Carpet Tiles
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Healthy Life Group
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The Art of Giving and Receiving Advice, from Harvard Business Review
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Claude Grunitzky
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Building an Innovation Democracy: Wl Gore: Management Innovation in Action, from The Future of Management
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LEGO (R) Products: Building Customer Communities Through Technology
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