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Amity Research Centers (2015)
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Established in 1998, Tencent had grown to become the largest and most used internet service portal in China. Tencent offered various services like data storage, online games and dating clubs. The company went public in 2004. Over the years, the company focused on expanding its business operations and as part of that tried to improve its value added services online. Apart from this, in order to establish long term strategic partnership, the company acquired Digital Sky Technologies Limited. Beside this, in order to establish itself, the company acquired majority stake in Riot Games, Inc., to further expand itself in online video games business. The company also made investment in eLong, Inc to build up new travel offerings and give opportunity to internet users to make use of global hotels across the world. Furthermore, the company joined hands with Kingsoft Corporation Limited to provide internet security solutions to the consumers. In 2012, the company reorganised its business structure in order to unleash the potential capabilities evolving in the internet industry. Despite several such endeavours, revenues of the company declined in late 2014. In this backdrop, it’s a matter of concern whether the company would be able to maintain its position in the wake of challenges and emerge in the fast growing e-commerce market.


Tencent Holdings Ltd; Inorganic growth strategies; Mergers & acquisitions (M&A); Partnership; Investments; Internet service portal; Gaming; e-Commerce; Web technology; Social networking services; Chinese Internet portal; Distribution network; Leadership; Advertising platforms; On-line marketing services; Unconventional marketing
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