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Subject category: Entrepreneurship
Fatima Naz (IQRA University); Usman Kemal (IQRA University)
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Dr Abdul Sattar Edhi is one of the most hardworking entrepreneurs of Pakistan. He is the leader of Edhi foundation and its branches throughout Pakistan. Along with ambulance and hospitals services, the Foundation also run maternity homes, clinics, homes for the handicapped, mental asylums, blood banks, orphanages, mortuaries, shelters for children and women, adoption centers, schools, soup kitchens and nursing courses. Dr Edhi is a real leader he strongly believes in his will power. He has built a reputation as one of the most honorable human beings and the organization he has made is a role model for every social worker. Dr Edhi has won much recognition including international and national awards. From The Institute of Business Administration he has also received an honorary doctorate in Pakistan. His life is a role model to have faith in humanity as well as his example encourage people towards making a personal uprising, so there will be a collective strength in our society. This document will further discuss about his personal life, his leading style and challenges he faced during his journey.


Social entrepreneur; Social entrepreneurship; Philanthropic activities; Philanthropies
7000 employees
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Feb 2016

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