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London Business School (2006)
20 pages
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Field research
Oracle Corporation is the world's second largest software company and the leading provider of computer databases to other corporations. This case study describes how Oracle Corporation responded to a technological revolution, the commercial use of the Internet, from the mid-1990s to 2001. This case contains a detailed description of how various Oracle managers first discovered, perceived, and responded to the commercial use of the Internet. De-centralised entrepreneurial company culture led to several independent decisions across various parts of the organisation. The nature of Internet technology and its rapid spread across the country boundaries led to customers responding to these managerial decisions in unexpected ways, and creating a fragmented view of the firm. Senior management responded with initiatives that were a drive towards centralisation while preserving the independent culture. The micro-level decisions of managers spread across the organisation and the senior level initiatives together created a new emergent strategy for Oracle Corporation taking it from the client-server based database era to the applications service provider model of service delivery.
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