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MBA students at EGA organize a yearly forum, around the graduation date. Various companies sponsor the forum, which serves to contribute to the School''s image and to show its alumni talent. One year the forum was extraordinary successful, and the president of the Organizing Committee decided that Committee members deserve a special gift. The gift, an expensive pocket calculator, was bought with part of the surplus of the gathered money. Some students knew, through informal channels, about the gift and a scandal exploded. After intense meetings and discussions, the Committee members were obliged to return the gifts. However, they were convinced that they were victims of an injustice. Even more, the Committee president argued that a feature of modern management, taught at the School, was ensuring incentives that keep outstanding workers motivated, and that all the scandal was nonsense and the product of envy. The case, developed for Ethics courses in MBA and executive education programs, aims to discuss dilemmas faced by autonomous committee members in making decisions on the use of resources, without explicit, written, procedures or regulations. The discussion should make participants aware of defective ethical reasoning and connect their roles as students and as managers.


Applied ethics; Collective decision-making; Personal conduct; Incentives; Motivation; Committee autonomy; Business school administration
200 employees
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