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Reference no. JBEE8-0TA2
Published by:
NeilsonJournals Publishing (2012)
in "Journal of Business Ethics Education"
10 pages


Spaulding vs Zimmerman is a lawsuit that raised the issue of the extent of how much information a negotiator can withhold from the other side and still remain within the bounds of ethical propriety. The author took the case and fashioned it into an exercise an organization can use as a vehicle for members to analyze their personal ethical choices under difficult, real world circumstances. The exercise is powerful and may be administered at any level of management training. It is disguised as a negotiation, so the ethical issues are obscured by the parties' negotiation goals and tactics. The debriefing will lead to productive discussions about personal ethics/values decisions. The exercise can be as simple or complex as the moderator chooses. The general fact sheet, the employee’s facts, and the employer's facts are attached in the Appendix. The user is encouraged to copy them (or modify them) for their specific needs. This case study has been peer viewed by the editorial board of the Journal of Business Ethics Education (JBEE).


Negotiation; Ethics; Duty; Ethics training; Ethics exercise

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