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Isabelle Fagnot (IESEG School of Management); Alejandra Duenas (IESEG School of Management); Christine Di Martinelly (IESEG School of Management)
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The United Kingdom is launching digitized health records to ensure better medical care. John Lewis discusses this new system with a colleague. Mr Lewis is against digitized health records because of privacy concerns; his colleague has the opposite view. John Lewis decides to opt out. Not long after this discussion he has an accident and is in a coma; his medical records must be accessed urgently. The aim of this case study is to illustrate the technology acceptance model in the context of a health care provider organization at Government level. The teaching notes link the theoretical constructs to the case study. They also provide all the information necessary for the lecturer to be able to present the case study and its solution in a clear manner. This case was used during one Bachelor degree course receiving positive feedback from students. This case study is intended for Bachelor’s and Master’s students.


Technology Acceptance Model; Health; Health services; Information systems

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