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SDA Bocconi (2013)
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This is part of a case series. The case focuses on the controversial Boeing 787 Dreamliner development. The future of air travel and air-liners envisioned by Boeing after the market shock in 2001 was based on the assumption that, with emerging markets growing and large hubs saturating, point-to-point long hauls would have dramatically increased. In this scenario, while Airbus was embracing an opposite interpretation of the market developing the A380, Boeing opted for the development of a super-efficient mid-size, wide-body plane under the name of 787 Dreamliner. The project was presented as a game-changer in air travel. The case encompasses a broad range of issues creating an analytical continuum from strategy and product innovation to supply chain design and risk management. While giving students the opportunity to revise and apply core concepts of strategy, innovation and supply chain management, the three parts structure allows discussion and self-assessment of the understanding of the case as it develops from a part to another. It can be used both as a wrap up case in supply chain/innovation management courses, or as a follow-through case when introducing to supply chain/innovation risk management.


Concurrent product and process innovation; Lean thinking; Supply chain risk management; Information systems; Enterprise resources planning (ERP); Supply chain collaboration; Innovation; Business strategy; Supplier relations
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