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Amity Research Centers (2013)
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The Aakash tablet, a low cost version of a modern tablet computer, was introduced in the Indian market by the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) in India on 5 October 2011. The tablet was produced at a subsidised rate of $35 each, mainly, for providing a state of the art method of learning facility as well as making it an affordable cost option for students. In early 2011, The Government of India (GoI) had put out a tender notice for launching a low cost version of a tablet computer for the general masses. Post the evaluation of the tender received from the prospective bidders, the UK based Datawind company was awarded the official contract by GoI to commence the production of Aakash tablet. The company began the production of the Aakash tablet in association with its Indian counterpart Quad Electronics Solutions. After launching the Aakash tablet in the Indian market, the GoI had issued an order to Datawind for supplying 0.1 million units of the Apple tablet before 31 March 2013. However, the growth of the Aakash tablet was severely hit in the Indian market due to some problems associated with its producer Datawind. According to the HRD Ministry, the repeated production delays by Datawind had forced the GoI to put on hold the bulk tender order of 50 million Aakash tablet computers. In its explanation, the management of Datawind revealed that the unprecedented rift with its business partner Quad had affected the production of the tablet. As an initiative for delivering the 0.1 million units of Aakash tablet on time, Datawind had partnered with VMC Systems (VMC). As a result, the company had successfully delivered 0.1 million units of tablet computers to IIT Bombay at `2263 per device by 1 May 2013. Therefore, it remained to be observed whether the business of the Aakash tablet would significantly improve the education quality as well as securing substantial growth of the Indian tablet computer industry in future.


Computer; Education; Gadget; Compound annual growth rate; Sales; Consumer; Demand; Cost; Subsidy; Processor; Touch screen; Bluetooth; Wi-Fi network system; Technology; Student
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