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Management article
Reference no. R1404K
Published by:
Harvard Business Publishing (2014)
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in "Harvard Business Review"
6 pages


The author, a professor of negotiation at Harvard Business School, offers 15 specific pieces of advice for job candidates: (1) Don't underestimate the importance of likability. (2) Help prospective employers understand why you deserve what you're requesting. (3) Make it clear that they can get you. (4) Understand the person across the table from you. (5) Understand his or her constraints. (6) Be prepared for tough questions. (7) Focus on the questioner's intent, not on the question. (8) Consider the whole deal. (9) Negotiate multiple issues simultaneously, not serially. (10) Don't negotiate just for the sake of negotiating (a pitfall for recent MBA graduates). (11) Think through the timing of offers. (12) Avoid, ignore, or downplay ultimatums. (13) Remember that your interviewer isn't out to get you. (14) Stay at the table. (15) Maintain a sense of perspective.


Interviewing; Personal negotiations; Employment interviews; Salary negotiation; Negotiation

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