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Amity Research Centers (2014)
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The period from 3 May 1913 to 3 May 2013 was an amazing time that marked an incredible achievement for Indian Cinema, for successfully completing 100 years of a successful journey. Indian Cinema had come a long way since its inception. The Lumiere Brothers invented Cinematography in the year 1895; thereafter cinema entered India and became an influential form of mass communication. Since then, Indian Cinema had progressed to become the world’s largest film industry. The Indian film industry was expected to achieve a 56% boost in revenue by 2015. As the Indian film industry marched towards the completion of 100 years, many developments in the field of digitalisation, superior devices used for film making, growing utilisation of VFX technology etc were contributing to its growth. The advent and growth of the multiplex trend in India was another significant factor contributing to the growth of the movie business in India. Despite these developments, the Indian film industry was still weighed down with issues related to inadequate resources, problems related to intellectual property rights and piracy, tax issues and red-tapism. With changing dynamics, it remained to be seen, how far Indian Cinema would go and succeed in establishing global footprints.


Indian cinema; Raja Harishchandra; Dadasaheb Phalke; Alam Ara; Film marketing; VFX; Piracy; Multiplex; Screen; Photography; Choreography; Music; Technicians; Artists; Editing
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