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Sergey Kazakov (Higher School of Economics, National Research University); Natalya Porotnikova (Higher School of Economics, National Research University)
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24 pages
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Field research


This case is focused on 3M endeavors to launch the innovative healthcare products in Russia as one of the fast developing emerging markets. Health care market in this country has shown a susbstantial growth with CAGR of 8.6% most recently that made it appealing for diversed market leader to introduce more products from the international range yet not available locally. 3M have established their local representative office in 1991 and ever since their local business have grown to 6 departments responsible for 3M core products market development. Medical Treatment solutions department was assigned with a task to study the opportunity for innovative medical bandages in the local market. The case addresses the common issues of market study, competition and distribution analysis, buying patterns, local regulations impact that have to be taken into account for making decisions in the areas of product positioning, pricing, promotion mix leading to the marketing strategy development and execution which should be effective in this particular emerging market.


Marketing; Russia; Healthcare supplies; Global practices; Product innovations; Market launch; Medical materials; Market penetration; Marketing strategy; Emerging markets
Global corporation, 90,000 employees, global sales USD30.8 billion, 130th position in Fortune 500
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April to May 2014

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