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Case flyer
Reference no. 514-047-1
Compact case
Subject category: Marketing
Abdul Samad Syed (Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd.); Nagendra V Chowdary (Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd.)
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3 January 2014
5 pages
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This case flyer is based on an article from The Economic Times and discusses the concept of customer experience. In today's competitive business scenario, companies can no longer succeed just by product or service leadership. They need to create a unique customer experience. What is customer experience? How is it different from customer service? What are the scenarios in which each of them is to be used? The case flyer enables a debate on these lines and is suitable for teaching courses in Business Strategy (Value Chain), Retailing, Branding and Advertising/Sales Promotion. The case flyer provides scope for discussing how a unique customer experience could be designed and delivered. Finally, the case flyer deliberates about the customer experience scenario of the Indian companies.


Customer service; Customer experience; Customer experience at Apple; Customer experience at Ikea; Customer experience at Starbucks; Unique customer experience; Customer experience Leaders; Product and service experience; Customer touch point; Organization philosophy; Customer experience management; Customer awareness; Customer interaction; Customer choice; Indian companies and customer experience
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