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Vlerick Business School (2014)
19 pages
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Field research


Eandis, the distributor of electricity in Belgium, is about to launch a multi-year multi-phase smart meter implementation project. Its supply chain management organisation should be transformed to a more agile and cost efficient structure to tackle the challenges of maintaining service quality, managing multi-functional teams, establishment of formal communications, internal collaboration in forecasting and planning, and external cooperation among utility companies and cities. The teaching case provides a detailed analysis of challenges faced by a (traditionally) asset-based organisation while being transformed to an info-based entity from the supply chain management perspective.


DSO; Energy; Energy supply chain; Electricity; Electricity distribution; Electricity supply chain; Supply chain management; Supply chain management integration; Supply chain processes; Supply chain best practices; CPFR; Supply chain processes re-alignment; Service quality; Multi-functional teams; Smart meters

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