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Amity Research Centers (2015)
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Organisations were performing exceptionally well with women occupying top leadership positions, yet the situation of gender diversity was dismal with significant gaps. Decision making positions in firms were largely held by men in the twilight years of their careers who had fixed mindsets and attitudes towards women. Gender diversity issues were a huge concern, especially among c-suite groups of large Corporates. Gender diversity was gradually becoming a top priority for organisations yet few put it under top ten priorities on their work agenda for coming years. The CEO Donahoe, on joining eBay, a global commerce and technology firm on 2008 was greatly perturbed on seeing his wife steering a most challenging work situation, just because she was a woman. In 2011, in a move to create women friendly work environment, eBay launched its first global Women’s Initiative Network (WIN). For the first time, top women leaders (almost 200) from eBay Inc, from world over gathered for a high impact professional development and networking interaction. In 2013, the third Global WIN Summit included 100 men to understand out the gender issues in a better way. For eBay, women were significant part of workforce diversity yet there were challenges which required internal organisational changes and it was a tough call. In such a scenario, would eBay be successful in creating a women friendly business environment to align its gender diversity commitments with its business goals?


Gender diversity; Issues; Women's initiative network (WIN); Mindsets and attitudes; Gender gap; Structural barriers; Preconceived notions; Beliefs; Attrition; Professional growth and development; Talent segments; Transparency; Leadership; People Process; Measurement
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