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Paulami Mitra (IESEG School of Management); Barbara Slavich (IESEG School of Management)
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17 pages
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Field research


This case is about a start-up called CUBjeans that focusses on a niche market of plus size men’s denim jeans. The story of this start-up sheds light on the denim jeans industry and on how the founders recognised an entrepreneurial opportunity in a niche market segment. After four years of its inception, now the entrepreneurs are seeking to carry out a strategy of international expansion to develop their business. The present challenges and future directions of this firm have also been discussed. In that respect, the case explores the topic of international growth of start-up companies. It also takes a close look at the history of the denim fabric and narrates how denim jeans have paved their way from being a workers outfit to fashion casuals. This case is intended to serve pedagogic purposes in courses on strategy and international business. Senior bachelor students or master students are the target audiences.


Strategy; Entrepreneurship; International business; Denim; Fashion casuals; Start-up
Other setting(s):
Between 2011 to present (April 2015)

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