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IBS Center for Management Research (2015)
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Field research


The case is set in early 2013. Ruby, the Coordinator of a new Learning Management System (LMS) at TBS, along with the administration was considering the issues that arose after the implementation of the Moodle-based LMS. The LMS was launched in June 2012 but had failed to meet the expectations of the target audience - faculty members as well as the students. Ruby pondered upon why the faculty members at TBS were not motivated to use the LMS and what made them feel that the LMS was more of a burden than a boon for them? Why did they prefer to stick with the traditional ways of teaching? Is the lack of training the major reason for its rejection or was it due to the technical issues that initially arose when the system was first launched? The LMS was still very much online but unused by most at TBS. The question before Ruby was whether more cost should be incurred on the new LMS to make it better or let it phase out with time. This case is meant for MBA/MS level students as part of the Services Marketing, Marketing Management, and Online Marketing curriculum. The case can also be useful in an IT and Systems curriculum. Additionally, the case may also be very useful for faculty development programs relating to the effectiveness of management education, use of technology in management education and in implementation of constant feedback mechanisms and evaluations.

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Learning Management System; Moodle; Moodle-based LMS; Blended learning; Distribution of service through electronic channels; Delivery of services through electronic channels; Technology Acceptance Model; User acceptance of information technology; Services marketing
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