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Amity Research Centers (2015)
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Nationalisation had become an important policy for the GCC countries to preserve the identity of its citizens and to correct the imbalance in the labour market which was dominated by the foreign inhabitants. To address this socio-economic challenge, the government of United Arab Emirates adopted the policy of Emiratisation. It was intended to provide all means of stability, welfare and dignified standards of living for UAE citizens by enhancing their participation in the labour market. ‘Absher Initiative’ was a step taken by the Government of UAE to promote Emiratisation. UAE faced two forms of underemployment - overstaffing of nationals in the public sector and underutilisation of their skills. Absher was launched to address both the forms of underemployment by creating better job opportunities for nationals in the private sectors. With this background, the case would provide an opportunity to understand whether Absher initiative was successful in achieving the targets set by UAE government or it proved to be just another futile attempt to support Emiratisation.


Absher initiative; Nationalization; Emiratisation; Private sector; Labour force; Expatriates; Arab world; Government; Employment; Training; Labour law; Policy; Migrant workers; Human capital; UAE
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