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Compact case
Vinay Kalakbandi (Indian Institute of Management Raipur)
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The Hotel California case celebrates the Eagle's hit single 'Hotel California'. The case presents Hotel California, a hypothetical boutique hotel situated in Downtown Los Angeles. The hotel was founded Glenn Henley and Bernie Meisner, alumni of the Anderson School of Management in University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). The case is divided into two parts set at two different times. The first part of the case is set in December 1976 where the hypothetical Hotel California comes into limelight due to the recent release of the Eagles' hit single, 'Hotel California'. During this time, the protagonist duo faces the challenge of balancing the needs of walk-in customers and customers who pre-book their rooms. They call upon Prof. Yinakbank Adilav who happens to be their Operations Management faculty at UCLA for some help. Prof. Adilav does not answer their questions right away but points them to a certain classroom incident 10 years ago and asks them to look for clues on how to manage the situation. The second part of the case, depicts the reversal of Hotel California's fortunes due to the breakup of the Eagles band and a steady decline in service quality over the years. The case protagonists once again come across Prof Adilav who gives them further inputs on how prioritize the improvement activities going forward.


Service management; Capacity management; Newsvendor model in service; Hospitality management; Service quality; Statistical quality control
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