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Irene M Herremans (University of Calgary); Dana Silver (University of Calgary)
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21 pages
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Field research


The case follows the environmental coordinator of Lacombe County, Blayne West, as she attempts to convince the Lacombe County council members to develop its Environmental Management Plan. The case is unique because it deals with a strategic environmental plan for a county, a unit of government, rather than a business. It provides awareness of the challenges of developing an environmental management plan for an entity whose council members have diverse attitudes toward the necessity for the plan. As well, the willingness of the county's residents to support the plan is unknown. Even though the Council hired her to create and implement the plan, she soon found that not all council members were in agreement with the extensiveness to which she planned to implement environmental sustainability in the county. The case illustrates how Blayne needed to continuously adjust her process to ensure that she was successful in getting the final plan passed by Council. Even though initially the implementation was to roll out to the entirety of Lacombe County, when she faced challenges in doing so, she turned to the staff of the Lacombe County government to gain support internally and to undergo a test run (a smaller scale implementation) from which she could learn. The case also highlights the necessity to engage stakeholders to identify potential barriers that might occur in the implementation of the plan. The case can be adjusted for any student level.


Environmental management plan; County; Government; Stakeholder engagement; Community consultation; Staff engagement; State of environment report
10,000 residents in the county; seven councillors; 114 managers, administrative, and staff
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January 2012 to January 2014

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