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Birla Institute of Management Technology (2016)
23 pages
Data source:
Field research


This case discusses the issue of Sustainability of CSR in Schneider Electric India Private Limited (SEIPL). Schneider Electric, the parent company, is a European multinational engaged in the business of energy management solutions. The case presents the diverse CSR initiatives and activities that have been undertaken since 2008 by SEIPL in various parts of India as its commitment towards the society. SEIPL has been doing CSR in areas of Rural Electrification, Entrepreneurship, Education and Employment. The initiatives were well knit with the business strategy and thus, the objectives of both the company and the beneficiary were being successfully met. But from the year 2010 onwards, the impact of CSR activities was continuously declining. The existing CSR model of the company was not delivering the desired results. They were neither able to absorb the trained manpower nor were they able to get them placed elsewhere. The employment rate was constantly falling and the trained electricians were not interested in becoming entrepreneur. The adopters of solar energy products were switching back to biofuels for energy requirements. Mr Sudhir Johri, Director CSR, had to evaluate the situation and find ways and means to improve the impact of present CSR activities or work out a new CSR strategy.


CSR & sustainability
Other setting(s):
CSR initiatives in Rural India

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