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Reference no. 316-0037-1
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Birla Institute of Management Technology (2016)
26 pages
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Marissa Mayer, 37 year old science graduate with no formal degree in management, an expecting mother of twins, was given the task of saving a sinking titanic - Yahoo! Inc. There was no shock or joy in the stock market when Mayer was announced as the new CEO of Yahoo! on 16th July 2012. Yahoo! stock which closed at USD15.74 on Friday, 13th July closed at USD15.65 on the day of her joining. But after her taking over the company, the share price gradually started to rise. It reached USD52.28 in November 2014 but started falling; it being USD47.99 on 27th January 2015, on the announcement of fourth quarter results of 2014. Yahoo! Inc reported profit of USD3.32 billion, while revenue had come down to USD4.6 billion compared to USD4.68 billion of previous year, the core business showing profit of USD143 million which was substantially less compared to previous year's USD590 million. In her regime, there was joy, there were tears and there were many fires and hires. This case focuses on the steps Marissa she took to revive Yahoo! In the process, she could turn the balance sheet from red to black but the performance of the core business was still sluggish. This situation raises a question whether Yahoo had really turned around?


Turnaround management; Corporate restructuring
Technology industry - USD3.7 trillion
Other setting(s):
2012 to January 2015

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