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Subject category: Marketing
Harjot Singh (Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology)
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The Resonance group was started by Mr Sanjeev Kumar (Sanjeev), a Ludhiana-based entrepreneur in 1984. His flagship organization in the branded garments business, Resonance Apparels (Resonance), has been instrumental in taking the group to greater heights. However, in 2015, market conditions have become difficult. He has foreseen that Resonance will either have to take on its major competitors head-on or find its own niche in the space of big brands. He has asked his 24-year old daughter, Ms Rubina Kumar (Rubina), to join the business as her executive-assistant. Rubina has been given the mandate to put the apparels business in the next orbit. Fresh after a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design and Technology, she has been wondering if she would be able to achieve the goal. She did not have the experience of running a business. However, she has gained confidence because of her exposure to three businesses in the same sector during her internships. The company has not created HR and IT departments yet, because the scale of operations has been small. The target market of Resonance range of apparels has been traditionally been the student community. The company operates through a company-owned retail format instead of a franchisee model. It also sells through multi-branded showrooms and smaller retail outlets to ensure wider availability. The competitors have become stronger over a period of time by strengthening their brands through a good understanding of their customers and developing close relationships with them. Rubina has decided to increase the mindshare of Resonance and improve customer relationships. She has asked her core team to make a presentation to her based on inputs from customers and competitors.


Apparels; Branded garments; CRM; Franchisee; MindShare; Multi-branded showrooms; Niche
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