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Surajit Ghosh Dastidar (Institute of Management Technology - Hyderabad); Shailendra Bisht (ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad)
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January 17 2016
15 pages
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Field research


Youth for Action (YFA) was a reputed organization patronized by Late Shri Baba Amte. Since last 25 years, the organization is working with rural women and men and has brought perceptible change, YFA had worked in the districts of Mahbubnagar in Telangana (earlier Andhra Pradesh), Beed district in Maharashtra, Gulbarga district in Karnataka and many other villages across India. The impact of YFA had been tremendous. The people living in these villages had a noticeable change in their lives owing to the awareness and opportunities provided by YFA in their lives. YFA was particularly focused on highlighting women farmers' and agricultural labour's contribution in various forums. However, Venkat Ramnayya, President of YFA, was concerned about what should be the way forward. Several questions ran in his mind. 'How can women farmers' agricultural contribution be recognized and added to the national GDP? What can be an effective strategy? What will be the repercussions if their contributions are added to the national GDP? What if their contributions aren't added?


Women farmers; Women empowerment; Agriculture; Land rights; Livelihood
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