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Reference no. 816-0040-1
Subject category: Entrepreneurship
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RSM Case Development Centre (2016)
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19 pages
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Field research


Neticle is a social listening and business intelligence tool based on sentiment analysis technology. Developed by a team of four from Hungary, the software offers some exclusive features and great accuracy in social listening for Hungarian language content. The company, Neticle Technologies, has grown rapidly since attracting its first paying customer in February 2013. It had 54 corporate customers and 10 employees by the end of 2014, acquired mainly through organic growth. After becoming the market leader in Hungary, the issue of future growth was brought up into the schedule. For the next step of growth, Neticle could either enter another geographical area, or extend its product portfolio. Both options provided great opportunity but also certain risk. Because of resource constraints, Neticle thought they should prioritize and focus on one approach at a time. CEO P├ęter Szekeres and his team had to decide which step to take first: product line expansion or internationalization?


Growth; Enterpreneurship; Analytics; Internationalisation; Expansion; Portfolio; Software; Big data; BI (business intelligence); SaaS (software as a service); IT (information technology); Expansion strategies; Feasibility; Start-up
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