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Reference no. 616-0053-1
PRS Sarma (Indian Institute of Management Raipur); Manish Kumar (Indian Institute of Management Raipur); Umesh Malayath (Indian Institute of Management Raipur)
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This case is designed to make the students or participants to understand how to analyze the issue of optimizing the transportation network that has a considerable impact on cost saving to companies where transportation of raw material plays a vital role. Specifically this case introduces students or participants to the concept of 'Transportation Problems' in making decisions in a business. This case centers on the need of ABP to quickly diagnose and discover ‘a solution for cost savings in collecting bulk LPG from its agreed suppliers’ and suggest a possible solution to ABP so that they can avoid similar type of problems in their future business proposals. This case is an easy introduction to decision analysis and oversight to students of Post Graduate in Management Studies viz., MBA, Executive-MBA, PGDM etc, and executives. This case is aimed to deliver the essentials of Transportation Problems with suggestion of spread sheet models for network optimization and its importance in decision making.


Operations and management; Transportation costs; Decision analysis; Decision analysis and optimization; Network optimisation

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