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Subject category: Marketing
Supratim Kundu (Institute of Management Technology - Hyderabad); Nitin Gupta (Institute of Management Technology - Hyderabad)
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Naveen Jindal is the Vice President of the Indian low cost carrier SpiceJet. The company was about to go bankrupt at the end of 2014. Since then it had been on a roller-coaster ride to this day. Recently the company has posted profit. However, Naveen is not sure if the company can sustain this. The aviation sector in the country is highly competitive. There is no scope for error. Also for some time the international oil prices were low which contributed to the financials of SpiceJet. Naveen is also not sure how long this advantage of low fuel prices would be prevalent. Naveen has been called by the CEO S Natrajhen to present the path of action for SpiceJet. Naveen knows that along with strategic moves some tactical marketing decisions are also required to make changes in the ground and to be attractive to the consumers.


Rebranding; Repositioning; Turn around; Service gap; Strategic management; Indian aviation; Low cost airlines in India

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