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NeilsonJournals Publishing (2015)
in "Journal of International Business Education"
15 pages
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The growing interconnectedness of individuals, cultures, societies, countries, and regions underscores the necessity for students to increase their knowledge of the influence of culture in the workplace. A review of recent textbooks reveals discussions on cultural influence in the workplace but notes the lack of teaching activities on the topic. The teaching activity presented here incorporates Hofstede’s value dimensions (individualism, masculinity, power distance) as well as the variables of time and change in a role play activity that allows students to experience the influence of culture in the workplace. Students role play a job interview in which each student represents one of five assigned countries. Following the role play activity, students discuss Hofstede’s cultural dimensions and how they differ between each of the five assigned countries. This activity can be used at any course level and is particularly salient for students with limited intercultural exposure. This case study has been peer reviewed by the editorial board of the Journal of International Business Education (JIBE).


Hofstede; International human resource management; Human resource management; International organizational behavior; International management; Cross-cultural management; Culture

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