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Harvard Business Publishing (2016)
2 August 2016
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Chapter from:
"The Adventures of an IT Leader"
17 pages


'The Adventures of an IT Leader' invites readers to 'walk in the shoes' of Jim Barton, the new CIO of the fictional IVK Corporation, as he spends a difficult year learning effective information technology leadership, sidestepping the pitfalls that make the CIO job the most volatile, high-turnover job in the business. Barton is asked to assess IT's current approach to resource allocation and propose improvements to increase return on investment. In IT, this means understanding and improving processes for figuring out which projects deserve investment. This chapter follows Barton as he considers the worthiness of a project to improve data security - and encounters unforeseen challenges along the way. This chapter is excerpted from 'The Adventures of an IT Leader'.


Information technology; CIO; IT management; Project evaluation; Resource management

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