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Supplementary software
Reference no. 7B16D023
Published by:
Ivey Publishing (2016)
Data source:
Field research


This software is to accompany the case. In October 2014, the chief operating officer of ABC Shipyard was trying to decide how to respond to a request from a renowned marine logistics company for five large naval bulk carriers. The shipyard could manufacture the ships, but with its current layout and throughput, the ships could not be completed within the requested two-year delivery time. A modular approach was necessary to build large and complex products such as ships, complicating the required flow of material between the shops and affecting the spatial resources needed. Could ABC Shipyard's existing facility layout be improved, and would the change increase throughput, allowing the new ships to be built within the required two years?


Facility layout; Shipyard; Theory or constraints; Relationship chart; Floor plan; Spatial arrangements; Logistics; Production optimization; Operations management; International
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