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Vlerick Business School (2017)
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Field research


As a Distribution System Operator (DSO) in the Flemish Region, Eandis plays a role of strategic importance and is entrusted with several quasi-governmental public service tasks. The energy market is now experiencing a transition period, which is inducing an evolution for DSOs, since they are being encouraged to shift towards alternative business opportunities. Thus, Eandis is following this evolution and identifying potential playing fields in the Belgian energy landscape. In light of evolving energy storage and individual and off-grid energy production, the company aims to innovate conventional business activities. The active participation of the consumption side in producing renewable energy, proliferation of electric vehicles, growing importance of data handling and ageing physical assets shape a new reality in a changing economy, where DSOs are struggling to find additional revenues. Although the company has experienced the new market trends as challenging, they are also drivers for innovation within the company. In addition, environmental issues are of great concern at Eandis - which is why the company is profiling itself as a contributor to achieving climate goals.


Distribution system operator; New business opportunities; Sustainability; Renewable energy resources; Storage aggregation; Smart metering; Asset management and data management
37.401.233 MWh of electricity; 66.161.329 MWh of gas; 6 million people
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