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Subject category: Marketing
Erika Graf (Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences); Suvi Wentland (Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences)
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Having begun its European expansion in the early 1990s, the German grocery retailer Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG launched its first Finnish stores in August 2002. At the outset, Lidl Finland virtually replicated the retail concept of its German parent company. Nonetheless, the hard discounter’s initial approach was given more local colour in the course of the following years. Having steadily increased its market share, Lidl Finland took over the third position in the Finnish grocery retail trade in 2013. The case examines Lidl’s first twelve years in the Finnish market, focusing on the country-specific modifications of the company’s marketing mix. The case also acquaints the reader with the characteristics of the Finnish grocery retail market, as well as with its key players. Raising the subject of Lidl Finland’s future prospects, the conclusion invites to contemplate possible scenarios.


International marketing
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