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Steven F. Freeman (Independent Author)
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This is part of a case series. Entrepreneurs inevitably face enterprise-threatening crises, and even career-threatening crises, but few are even remotely prepared. In this case, Enríque Braulio, a 35 year old Central American entrepreneur, faces a crisis in his nine month old business and perhaps the crisis of his career when he learns that the dairy products his firm has distributed are dangerously contaminated. The heart of the discussion focuses on what the protagonist, does or can do during, before, and after the crisis. With discussion and supplementary readings, students can begin to understand what happens in a crisis; how to better cope with the resultant stressors, emotions, and other pressures; how to define priorities during a crisis; how to prepare for crisis to avert it or to mitigate one that occurs anyway); and, ultimately how to learn and grow stronger from crisis.


Crisis preparedness, Crisis management, Resiliency; Entreprenership; Family business and entrepreneurship; Risk management; Competitive strategies; Career preparation; Latin America
Company is about 4 people 265,000 - Market
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