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Romina Mathew (Institute of Management Technology - Hyderabad)
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This is part of a case series. The case explores Lemon Tree’s efforts in recruiting from an alternate source ie people with disabilities (PWD). Buoyed by the feel good factor, the top management plans to hire people with disabilities. By 2008, the company is able to meet its modest initial target of three percent and is able to recognize the potential of this untapped source. While sourcing and training were considered the initial challenge, the company realized that a bigger challenge was in retaining the employees with disabilities. What was missing? For a company run on tight budgets, was it worth the effort to invest in creating an inclusive workplace for disabled people? The second part of the case discusses how Lemon Tree went about building an inclusive workplace and reaped business benefits in the process.


Sourcing; People with disabilities; Diversity; Inclusion; Recruitment

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